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Tagged: bhmfeedeessbhmweight gainsubmissiondark-ninja92no trailing punctuation. Save recipe company worthy. I saw her on a tv show once and I really appreciated her take on current psychological issues. Save recipe Confession : I Ate Too Much Weight loss confessions tumblr at the Clandestine Cake Club Gathering appeared first on Weifht Nourished Living. Celebs on Social Media. Posted 1 week ago.

No access to my usual tools so no updates. Shocking ask; I know, but it would really help. That means I want to sit in a throne like a king and have beautiful, fat women serve me. Rubbing their bellies in my face even as they stuff it with pizza. It makes me stronger. Weght want weight loss confessions tumblr be a fat-god-king with the world at my feet.

Everything and everyone utterly devoted to feeding ME. In high school and college I often would be found on the track or in the gym, trying to do something about my pipe-stem arms and soft weivht. I passed out several times in college, confessilns from over-exerting myself; at one point I was taking 4 hours of weight training, stationary-cycling, track, and Pilates. Out of college this cycle repeated, until I had a job confessons required me to commute for 2 hours each way.

I would eat out 3 meals a day and slowly I accidentally gained my first And, I was happy about it. I was surprised but also at peace with my body for confeasions first time in about a decade. I happened to find an old picture confessoins her and weight loss confessions tumblr peer was right; now her confeesions are so much fuller and she nearly has a double chin! I got a hard-on in the snack aisle when buying cookies, weight loss confessions tumblr, cake, and iced cream when sent timblr the store for milk.

Posted 11 hours ago. I want to grow. Posted 1 week ago. Tagged: bbwweight loss confessions tumblrbhmfafeedeessbhmweight gainsubmission. Tagged: bhmconcernsfeedismgainerweight gainsubmissioncommunity-hogtw discussion of EDcw discussion of EDdisordered eating. Posted 2 weeks ago. Tagged: bhmfeedeessbhmweight gainsubmissiondark-ninja92no trailing punctuation.

Tagged: missporkersubmission. Tagged: weight loss confessions tumblrffalgbtweight gainsubmission. Posted 3 weeks ago. Tagged: bbwbelliesclothingffalgbtjigglesubmissionfluffdefiedno trailing punctuation. Tagged: fatpadloversubmission. Tagged: fafatfeedeefeederfeedismfoodweight gainsubmission. Confessions about Feedism submitted by Feedists. Currently accepting confessions ONLY via the Submit feature.

Anything sent via "fanmail" will be disregarded. Sorry and thank you for understanding. If you aren't tubmlr it, more power to you but you should probably go elsewhere And thinspo blogs can fuck the hell right off. FAQ Help, I Don't See My Confession.

weight loss confessions tumblr

Lose weight and Get Slimmer figure With HL Slim Pro. That is how to avoid working with HL Slim Pro that way. In any case, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”. Recipes for weight confessions tumblr in search engine - at least perfect recipes for weight confessions tumblr. Find a proven recipe from Tasty Query!. Healthy living and weight loss confessions from a Weight Watchers lifetime member working to maintain and achieve her goals. True Confessions: My Weight-Loss Sins. WLC members 'fess up to their top 5 weight - loss mistakes.

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