Starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review

Get POPSUGAR On The Go:. Monday, September 19, I read and hear a lot about how Starbuck's is always working on launching new healthy choice food offerings in their stores, so hopefully they will begin to carry a wider choice of healthy but tasty foods agree? Maybe it bqcon their magic oven to melt feta, or, maybe I just haven't encountered it before? News: Papa Murphy's - New Bake-at-Home Pan Pizza. Half-Price Shakes at Sonic After 8 PM Through Summer

Mostly restaurants, but also some bakeries, chocolate makers, cafes, etc. Monday, September 19, Update Review: September Starbucks likes to give away breakfast sandwiches. I really don't understand it. I don't like eggs, I don't really like sandwiches, so these are the worst targeted item for me. Anyway, I'm also not one to not take advantage of a freebie. So, even though I'd never normally get a breakfast sandwich, it was time to try yet another Starbucks breakfast sandwich.

My visit was actually not at breakfast time, given that I had only one day to use the free sandwich, and I wasn't able to go at breakfast. I went at lunch, and thus selected the one that seemed most lunch appropriate. I was glad they still had all the breakfast sandwiches in stock at 1pm, the last time I had tried to get a free breakfast sandwich, they seemed to run out by mid-morning. So, um, starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review, I picked the veggie wrap.

Even though it contained a bunch of things I don't really like. Like the wrap itself although, besides a croissant, its not like I like the other bread choices much more. And egg whites although, I don't like any of the egg options in the breakfast sandwiches. And feta not that I hate feta, but I certainly don't like it, particularly compared with the other cheeses like gouda, swiss, and cheddar used in the other sandwiches.

So, why would I get this? Like I said, it was lunch time, and it sahdwich the most lunch appropriate. Plus, for some reason, spinach and tomatoes actually sounded tasty to me. Like all the sandwiches, it was heated up in the crazy magic oven, and handed over to me in just a minute or two, literally. It was piping hot, too hot actually, I had to wait for it to cool down before I could really eat it comfortably.

The wrap was crispy on one side, but kinda moist and mushy on the other. Not the magic heating job I was hoping for, but, it had potential, since one side was good. It had a fairly hearty wheat flavor to it and was well wrapped. The overall size was decent, maybe a bit small for a lunch item, but, for breakfast it would have been more than enough. Inside the wrap was the veggies, cheese, and egg. The most dominant starbuks of the filling, at least volume wise, was the egg white.

It seemed to be a folded up revidw white omelet that was surprisingly starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review offensive. Not rubbery, not scary looking. It really did look like an omelet. Inoffensive is likely the highest praise I'll ever have for egg whites. I removed a chunk of it since I really didn't want it, but, it wasn't bad.

The flavor all came fta the other fillings: spinach, crumbled feta, starbucis of roasted tomato, and I wasn't expecting that, as it is starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review part of the description, but, slathered all over the inside was a layer of flavorful sundried tomato cream cheese. It added a nice creaminess and more strong flavor.

Also a surprise is the fact that the feta seemed melted. I didn't realize feta melts. Maybe it takes their magic oven to melt feta, or, maybe I just haven't encountered it before? The entire thing had an aroma almost like pizza. It was enjoyable enough. Would I get another? Probably not, unless I was really craving something like this, due simply to the fact that Mediterranean flavors and egg whites just aren't really what I like.

Vat few days ago, an e-mail popped up from Starbucks titled "Let us take care of breakfast". Slightly intrigued, I clicked on the link, expecting to starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review something like a free baked good weight loss due to diuretic purchase of an expensive handcrafted beverage. Starbucks just wanted to offer a free breakfast sandwich. No strings attached, save the fact that I had only 2 days to redeem it.

I was used to Starbucks randomly throwing on freebies when I was trkey Gold member, but I lost my status long ago. A measly Green card member, getting a freebie? How could I not? So, I decided to risk it, and go for one of the newest selections. I didn't expect to like the egg anyway, this really was about bread and cheese and maybe some decent meatand obviously a croissant is much better than an English muffin.

starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich review

breakfast - reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich - Picture of Starbucks, Vancouver. See all 2 reviews of Starbucks. Nov 19,  · Starbucks Sandwiches the healthiest option is the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, Update Review: September Starbucks. Starbuck’s Reduced Fat Egg White and Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich: turkey bacon and melted low - fat cheese The review was published as it's written by. Pair A Cup Of Coffee With One Of Our Breakfast Sandwiches Or Wraps.

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