Nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight

The bad part is that I start to feel guilty as fuck the morning after because I know for a fact that she hasn't cheated on me because I have some good friends in the town she lives in. And when you do get caught your current girlfriend will never look at you the same, effectively murdering most, if not all, of your chances at a future with her. However, there are plenty of books that give calorie counts for different foods. I kept getting so discouraged by the number on the scale. If she does not want to, then suggest she get exercise in another form and that she should maintain a healthy diet.

Nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight taking a tactful approach to discussing the need to lose weight, you can preserve your relationship while still encouraging him or her to drop the extra pounds. Instead of directly confronting your mate with the idea of weight loss, casually broach the subject to determine whether he or she has considered ro independently. If your friend has begun to consider losing weight already, your job may consist only of motivating him or her to initiate the process rather than convincing your friend of the need to shed a few pounds.

It is no secret that weight loss can significantly affect physical, mental, and social health. Visualizing a happier, healthier life after weight loss may be yohr motivation your mate needs to pursue a serious weight loss strategy. If you have discussed the topic of weight loss with your mate and your friend is amenable nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight the idea or just seems to need an extra push, try letting him or her know that you worry about the health problems weight loss nutritionist london weight could cause.

Sometimes, learning the dangers that excess weight can cause [17] may be a strong motivation for people, especially if he or she has children or family. If your friend is already experiencing health complications due to weight, consider using the problem as an example of the type of difficulty with which you hate to see him or her struggle. If your mate lost weight, how would your life together be better?

Thinking about weight loss as an empowering process that contributes to your relationship and improves your quality of life together could help encourage your mate to consider what you have to say. Even if you have the best intentions, your mate may not be ready to try losing weight. Your mate may not feel confident that he or she can succeed, may not want to acknowledge the weight problem, or may even be ashamed to discuss weight issues with you.

Approaching your mate about weight loss can nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight complicated and may not have the effect you anticipated. Many times, the most you can do is encourage and support your friend and work to avoid having your efforts backfire. Create an account Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas Edit Article wiki How to Tell Your Mate They Need to Lose Weight.

If you have someone in your life with a weight problem, telling your firlfriend that you think girlfrind or she needs to lose weight may be the most difficult conversation you ever have together. Tk that your friend try a new diet or exercise program with you. Do research on healthy, balanced diet [2] or exercise programs [3] and ask if your friend will join you in trying to follow the new plan.

Frame the discussion as if your mate will be the one helping you stick to a commitment to be healthier, instead of the other way around. Girlfeiend whether your mate has considered losing weight. If you feel comfortable gently and directly addressing the matter, privately ask if he or she has thought about trying to lose weight If your friend is already trying, offer your nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight and encouragement. If your mate is offended at the idea or sees no reason to lose weight, consider discussing your concerns about his or her health or drop the matter for a month or two to give the idea time to take hold in his or her head.

Chances are, your mate is privately aware of his or her need to lose weight and is simply embarrassed to discuss the matter or to realize that someone else is concerned enough to mention it directly.

nice way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight

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