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Her paternal grandfather was actually a United Nations ambassador. Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Unfortunately, they ended up splitting up on December 12 of Still it better be healthy as upcoming problems could be dangerous! Katy Says Taylor "Started" Feud. Copyright FunctionX, Inc.

According to the latest information, it was her Birthday on the 5 th of September! Throughout the years she was active in the entertainment industry, her look changed much and many times. However, the actress was experimenting not only for the roles as the director maybe demanded, but also for the own desire. The other field Kat realized her talent in was modeling she firstly appeared in at the age of six.

So, here are presented her most impressive, attractive and cool appearances ever done. In Kat was caught by camera with a very stylish look, exactly the up-do hairstyle having her hair dark and originally shaved clean on the temple. In general it was asymmetrical. How about the next years? The year brought the trend on high hair tails, or another weigjt they were called — ponytail. To be not outside the kat graham weight loss, the actress appeared on the red carpet with modern ponytail still having her hair long dark, practically black.

However, in January that exact year kat graham weight loss turned up to be more stylish with the highlights to be colored in silver. The hair tail was also kat graham weight loss, but it looked more special with the painted length. It should be also mentioned that her make-up is always very elegant and light-colored, with no bright aspects. But it captures the eye mostly with impressive lips, which match the main color of the dress.

Does everybody remember the sudden change in hair fashion, when it became common to have blond hairdo and wavy hair structure? Kat Graham also had the hair cut, making the stylish wavy bob, which was perfectly suited by blond cast. What should be also said — weught the fans were much amused. But if you think the all changes were already done, you are definitely wrong.

In December they were presented to public. It turned out to be short chestnut bob, which looked trendy at the Trevor Project Event the graaham participated in. The general look got many positive reviews both from fans and critics. In the annual ceremony of MTV Music Award was held making much noise around the latest track releases. On the event she appeared wearing the long wavy dark bob, which matched a make-up and the jewelry she had pretty well.

The camera shootings were frequent, kat graham weight loss means the appearance was much adored. The other option of bob was also introduced to public that kat graham weight loss on some celebration held. It was also bob, but Kat had her hair shorten a bit and without those attractive waves on it. In some unexpected changes were experienced. First of all it should be mentioned Kat was seen in the Saturday Mat Live Show and after it was caught by journalist ggaham the boyfriend on the after party.

She had bright red dress on and designer shoes on the medium heal. Her hairstyle was smart and amazing at same time — it was very short, a kind of the boy-do. However, the TV star looked very stylish and trendy impressing everybody in the positive sense with her presence. Earlier that months her hair was long and lasting, dark black color and specially straightens for the event. It was Kat graham weight loss Avalon in Hollywood to appear on. Her landlady look was featured also by a tight beautiful dress.

Here we are: How are the things at present? In the trend was oriented on retro style. As also the antique autos appeared n the streets, dresses became more conservative and the cigarette holder turned out to be extremely gragam among granam. The hairdo also found its challenges. The main was to do it more appropriate to women standards without any strange unusual colors and short options. The uniqueness was the styles were not copied exactly from the one of the 20 th century.

They were original and modern. To be not out of any tendency, Kat followed the idea to be retro-girl. At the IHeartRadio Music Awards in Inglewood, California she presented the new appearance. The hair color was chess-nut with light highlights and wavy, even curly structure. Currently Kat Graham participates in on-screen running shows, reality and comedy one, as well as promotes the newest songs, written by her own.

So, what is left - is just to congratulate her with one more circle around the Sun, which is supposed to bring as much pleasure and success as possible.

kat graham weight loss

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham ’s Delicious Weight Loss Secret Revealed — Exclusive April 4, by Beth Sobol 0 Shares. Kat Graham looks like the coolest disco queen ever in a sparkling green dress at the Soul Train Music 20+ pics inside of Kat Graham, Raven Goodwin and. Kat Graham sported a cute colorblock bikini while strolling near the beach in Santa Monica, CA, on Monday. The Vampire Diaries star was joined by her. Lady Gaga has quite the celebrity backing! First Kirstie Alley defended the star for her weight gain, and now the Vampire Diaries ’ Kat Graham, a co-star of Gaga.

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