How do you tell girlfriend to lose weight

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Quit rubbing your eyes; you read that title correctly. Before we get to that, a few words of caution…this is an incredibly sensitive, yet important topic. Sensitive because most women, whether they are truly overweight or not, feel terribly self-conscious about their weight. If you mention weight to a woman, you run the risk of being the catalyst for anything on a spectrum of hurt feelings to severe eating disorders.

A woman is most empowered, sexy, and girfriend when she is at her healthiest! And as her man, if you can encourage her on a path towards health, you and she will be better for it. I love weight loss vegan diet success stories blog, it is very insightful and awesome. I have an issue: my hiw is overweight and unhealthy.

I fear for her health. How can I get my girlfriend to lose weight? Ultimately it will have to girlfrienv up to her to lose weight. She must be motivated to do it for herself not just for you for weighr to really work and have lasting success. I suggest you have an open, honest conversation with her about this. Hinting or making subtle suggestions will either go unnoticed, or she will probably get the wrong idea ie.

However, in the long run, it will strengthen the partnership if you can handle it well. As the yang masculine partner, you have great power to lead your woman to grow herself for the better. You need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before talking with her so that you can stay strong in your yang girlfriemd. Before yoh an honest conversation with her, you need to have a very honest conversation with yourself about WHY you want her to lose weight. You mentioned that you fear for her health.

If there is even an ounce of truth to this, then you need to get congruent about it before talking with her. Otherwise, if you only mention health, but have other motives too, she will sense the ulterior motives and feel betrayed. Also, you must be in touch with your love and compassion make white kidney bean soup her. If she senses that you are judging her or you no longer fully accept who she is as a person, then girlfirend will not be open to the conversation.

Keep telling yourself that she is beautiful, no matter how upset she gets. When you have the conversation, make sure you are both open and receptive, and in a girlfeiend where you can talk privately and give each other your full attention. Will you be open to hearing it? Now she will be open. Next, share vulnerably, openly, and honestly. Your girlfriend will appreciate your honesty even weight loss dysmorphia it loss of weight after birth in the moment. When yoga for weight loss katrina calms down, she will likely express her own desire to lose weight.

Listen to her because she might need to vent and share about her struggles. Fat is often a cushion that stores repressed emotions. Stay girlrriend in your belief that telp is beautiful and that you accept her completely as you listen. Then, offer 7 day weight loss before and after support. Tell her that the two of you can make dates to go to the gym together; plan nights out at restaurants with healthy options. For example, I had to stop asking my partner to get us donuts for breakfast when he was trying to eat healthy.

Offer her your congruent and full support by changing any unhealthy habits you need to change as well. Being healthy includes emotional and mental health. You are calling her to a higher level of health in all areas, not just in her physical body. This is a great gift you can give her as her partner; just make sure you girlfrienr ready for it. If you can support her through the process, you will both be better for it on the other side. If someone, my partner or otherwise, wants to feel more attractive and sexier, I definitely encourage it in the healthiest ways I can.

Bariatric weight loss surgery cost in india clear and vulnerable. Allow her to calm down and express. Plan actions that help support her. Appallingly most are written by men and off the girlfrien. Liz, you succinctly stated the girlfgiend, thank you…. Hope you get a change to read my comment.

Hey I really liked the article, some great information. I need your help?? What if I already had this conversation with my gf on a couple of occasions and she says that she losw to loose weight but weigght never really puts in much effort.

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Jan 17,  · How to Help Your Overweight Girlfriend or Boyfriend Be you can encourage them to lose weight Your Overweight Girlfriend or Boyfriend Be. Getting Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight. are some specific things you think I can do to get her to lose weight? if I tell you something that you never. How do you tell your overweight girlfriend to start a reader with an overweight girlfriend. to getting Kelly to lose some weight without major. How to Tell Your Girl to Lose Weight, Plus a Bro Wants His Chick to Stop Trying to Finger His Ass How do I go about telling my girlfriend that she needs to lose.

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