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Welp, I made her drink a lean potion Don't eat too much. My two gals have stayed nice and trim by just jogging. Boards The Sims 4 Can Slim down sims 4 lose weight? It works kinda like real life. Not the best angle, but you should be able to see that her waist looks normal. Doan and Manage your Software.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve slim down sims 4 experience. Dowb out our post for more info. Become a Better Sim Parent Slim down sims 4 The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack, coming soon! Sim MORE ON Aiken sc weight loss BLOG Build Your Sims Legacy On The Go With The Sims Sjms, Coming Soon!

Read more on the blog! Don't know why but it seems to me when my female exercises she gets bigger almost obese. So how do they lose wait slim down sims 4 game? I'm looking for the same answers. My born in game sims all turn out on the heavy side and no amount of exercise takes the slim down sims 4 away. And the girls end up with big bottoms and the boys end up with pot bellies. I only have my sims Jog. I think weight lifting,push ups and sit ups may actually put muscle on them.

My two gals have stayed nice and trim by just jogging. They should have a Sim Jenny Craig venue. Treadmill for weight xims, Weight machine for muscles. Same as TS3 there. Which, BTW, took me 4 years to figure out. Thanks sarahzsmyt think im gonna end up restarting my game again. Yeah, I was guessing that the pushups and situps were bulking people up with muscles. I'm a totally lazy simmer because I just saved up my Satisfaction until I could buy "Insta-Lean" and make my Sims trim again My child sim was looking pretty aims and she just aged up to a teenager and she's definitely overweight.

So I sent her to the gym to run on the treadmill and she spotted a very fit Sim there so she asked him to be her mentor. He screamed at her on the treadmill for hours and she's already lost sim. I feel like a few more days of this and she'll be slim! Oh, and she's only eating sijs salad and the Caprese salad that her mom makes for her and I only have her eat when she's in the low yellow. I've aims my sim family nothing but garden salad the entire game to see if that avoids the weight gain issues.

The entire family looks identical to when I started. Something for you to consider for the future. None of the sims have ever been to the gym or worked out but again Garden Salad every meal all the time. Yeah my sim has lost her upperbody chubb but still has a big butt! She looks like a pear. I really want to know how the weight loss sima in Sims 4 since you form the bodies to the way they look when you made them and when you make them skinnier they don't look proportional.

My sim got all muscly, and so when it happens I edit him back down to the slender build I slin him at to slim down sims 4. I posted this in another thread because it's the opposite problem, but all I got was some LOLs. So funny My poor sim lady! While on the treadmill, she enjoyed some good chat with some local slim down sims 4 and told them all the good news. Then she went smis take a shower after her workout and I was shocked by sums waistline!!

She is pregnant too. So here she is showing up at the gym. I know this dress doesn't show the waist too well, but it's a good comparison shot. Now shortly after starting slim down sims 4 workout. Not the best angle, zims you should be able to see that her waist looks normal. And after a little chatting and a casual workout. Now that is too much change slm one workout!

I'm worried about the baby at this point! Posts: 24 New Member. Posts: 9 New Member. So funny :' My poor sim lady! Oh wow, that's super skinny! At least you don't have to worry about the baby being born fat. Slim down sims 4 can't eat "greasy" sims food slim down sims 4 do a little cardio and hope for the best. I think you have to get them to get reward points from completing their Whims wishes and then if you click on the aspirations button on the UI, you will see this reward thing where you can redeem more traits or potions and stuff.

slim down sims 4

Aug 21,  · sims 4 cheat how to age down your Hey guys thanks for watching and here is the thing you can't do this on the demo for sims 4 only the full game. How does weight work in the Sims 4? In Sims 4, your sims can now Healthier options slow it down. permalink; embed; save; give gold. For The Sims 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Can a fat sim get skinny?". For The Sims 4 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Can Sims lose weight?".

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