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Their customers frequently told us that they found Thrive Naturals easy to communicate with, and quick weight loss pills dischem process and deliver their orders. Map to berkeley you made him okay guys that public forum this also you. These two effects work pil,s to burn existing body fat and limit additional fat storage. Contrary to popular belief, restrictive diets don't work. ASSIST is a state of the art resonance homeopathic formulation.

You are using an outdated browser. Get nutritious recipes, workouts, sex tips and more when you sign up for our newsletter. All you need in a nutshell - delivered to you weekly. Be the first to know about exclusive special offers, incredible competitions and products. These change every few months. This website is made to look like a WH website, and claims that staff reporters have tested these products and lost large amounts of weight. When falling for the scam, buyers are requested to purchase the products for under R We are getting more and more complaints from people who have fallen for this scam, unfortunately the banks cannot do anything about it.

You might want to read these:. Another bunch of internet scamsters who prey on decent humans who are too trusting of their fellow human beings. These types of people are ruining on-line trade and give the good traders a bad name. Good luck and happy weight loss. Yes they do exist, I came across the article on FB — it does make its self out to be from Women health. I only received them this Saturday and weight loss pills dischem taking them but i have a severe headache and serious stomach cramps now im worried about what is in the tablets.

They have also taken R off my credit card that i didnt sign up for. It didnt say anything on the website, only about the R They use their terms and conditions as an excuse. This to me is bullshit. I have sent alot of parcels everywhere, and never does a tracking number get deleted. This happened to me!

And yes it is a scam. I received one product and weight loss pills dischem there has been 2 additional deductions from my credit card. I am so mad I hae just been scammed for R The products exist and do eventually arrive at the post office at which time you have to pay duties…. My bank only notifies me for transactions over R Debits varied between R and R I only realised what was going on when the bank notified me that I exceeded my limit!!!

R later there was nothing I could do according to the bank, who contacted these thieves, as I had accepted their terms and conditions which have them covered…. We have a customer protection act that states that if you are not satisfied in this case pay and not receive you can cancel your order and ask weight loss pills dischem refund. They are screwing the wrong girl here. Report it as a fraudulent site and post it everywhere you can.

They will be brought to their knees soon. I had an interesting chat to weight loss pills dischem girl from the live chat section, funny every time it tried, there was only silence and she is called Cris every time. After telling her that I actually am taking steps against this ghost company, she was quick to respond. I spoke to a male from Norway… Wien I named lawyer…. He Said you Will get all Your money back. I feel so sorry for all the people WHO lost so much money….

I have had to stop my card!!! I just ordered but after I read the terms and conditions I sent them a email to cancel wat should I do so that they shouldnt deducted money from weight loss pills dischem account I feel so stupid no pls help before I loose my money to pls Dear all, hope all is well. My wife was looking for a cycling weight loss meal plan loss product and lost hope after trying many product, some of which are named above for many years, and was losing interest in losing weight.

After much discussion we have discovered a product that you can lose weight effortlessly, she has lost 23 kgs in 6 months, with living and eating the same as before. If you would like to know more about this product, write to me — d. I threatened them with the FBI and received half back. So, they have trouble on the horizon. I got cough out as well. Came across the add on the internet, saying pay R70 weight loss pills dischem fees for a 14 day free trial period supps.

Which I still havent received. I phoned customs to try track my parcel but they cant help I have to phone the 3rd party which is DHL. I phoned this company not even sure what they are called to try get my money back. She gave me 3 options. I asked her to please mail them to me so I can go through it and she said they cannot do that.

Its over a month and I still havent got my parcels.

weight loss pills dischem

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