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You use your testimony to draw people to Jesus. She lost pounds, and her method of inspiring others is truly unique: rather than encouraging them to focus on weight loss, she advocates for focusing on the health you gain. Be Strong and Courageous. I truly believe that if james was not for writing this good weight loss blog names and the OYS community I would have give up a long time ago. So thankful to Dr.

Experts from all over the world will line up to tell you what to do, when to do it, why to do it and how to do it. It can be pretty intimidating. These are authentic people. They are full of motivation, encouragement, understanding and so much more as the writers put everything out there in an effort to not only discover themselves, but also to help you see who you are as well. Without further ado, in no particular order, here are the most inspirational weight loss bloggers of Losing Weight in the City.

Theodora lost over 50 pounds, and shares everything from recipes and food to her love good weight loss blog names running and more - all while living the coveted life in the city visiting ballets, balls and bars. He went from pounds down togained some back, and has been on a mission to lose more. Zeusmeatball shares his love of cycling, his quest to eat right and the occasional tidbit about his life in general. When Annabel started blogging 3 years ago, she did it to chronicle her weight loss.

For her, weight loss was not about melting pounds off and being thin. She realized that just because people were thin by no means meant they were happy. Rather than focusing on weight loss and obesity, Annabel decided to focus on health overall. She lost pounds, and her method of inspiring others is truly unique: rather than encouraging them to focus on weight loss, she advocates for focusing on the health you gain.

Jen grew up overweight and spent year after year jumping from one diet to the next and back again. Tired of being obese, Jen started her good weight loss blog names in August to not just diet, but actually change her lifestyle. She left the excuses behind, actually listened to what nutritionists said, began exercising and eating right - all while documenting it for the world to see online.

At age 35, she struggled with many obesity-related health issues, including high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She opted for weight loss surgery, started eating healthy and exercising daily. A pound weight loss. Shelly uses her blog as a platform to share her daily triumphs and struggles as she works to maintain her weight, share products she uses to stay healthy and eat right. Roni has become a true pillar of success and innovation in the weight loss blogger community.

If you ever thought of following a weight loss blog, you would be hard-pressed to miss Roni. She has been blogging sincewhen she decided to leave behind a lifetime of diets, baggy clothes and insecurity and swap it out for celebration of a journey to reach her weight loss goals. Now Roni inspires others with her journey and runs a full-time blogging business.

Being a foodie is no easy task. Constantly obsessing over the best foods to eat, which restaurants to visit and where the next meal is coming from can be exhausting. Beth knows how such a title can lead to weight struggles, which is why she uses her blog to document her journey staying healthy after losing 58 pounds - going from to She also shares some pretty amazing recipes, tips for success, product reviews and her race results - oh yeah, Beth is quite the runner now.

Sean allows himself room to make mistakes, but connects with people by offering inspiration for the road blocks and not being afraid of sharing his failures along with weight loss blog names triumphs. Learning to feel happier in her own skin is really why Shauna started blogging in the first place. Now, the Scotland-dwelling Australian blogger combines her passion to write with exercise, mindful eating and food journaling. She stays healthy good weight loss blog names shares her journey with others.

She even wrote a book on it, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, a funny and heartwarming memoir of life, love and lard. She started it as a way to keep herself accountable and share her passion for running. Katie is open and vulnerable when it comes to the tougher things in life, such as her constant battle with binge eating and weight maintenance, as well as the happier side of life, including her family and running.

As a Southern girl, Kelly always had to endure the temptation of comfort food, from fried chicken to apple pie and weight loss blog names.

good weight loss blog names

weight loss blog names

The Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers. a darn good job. Reading through her blog, as far as Sarah’s blog name to determine that she is. just click this: Weight Loss Team Name MORE Weight Loss Team Name Ideas. The Inside Trainer Inc. PO Box. 60 Clever Weight Loss Team Names. Slogans; 41 Good Creative Blog Names for Idea Inspiration. Success is a Decision. 35 Great Catchy Home Audio Business Names ;. Diet & Weight Loss → The Best Weight Loss Blogs of the Year; This blog is a good place to learn about the different procedures. Your name Please enter your.

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