Diet plan for 38 year old female

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Select if you're male or female. I am 20 yeara old and weigh about 84kgs. Hi I'm 27 years old, 5'3 weighing at kg. I currently got riet job working 8 to 5 and I barely have time because after work I often feel sluggish and tired and exhausted from sitting too much and staring at a pc most of the time. I don't feel good about my body and I just don't like feeling tired. I'm just wondering if you could help me with what should I eat and what kind of workout I should do, because running makes me wanna faint due to me breathing way too fast.

I liked walking dieg I often feel discouraged because it feels like I'm not doing enough. I've tried dieting before and I lose 15kg, and now I have gained them back, even more. I'd like to get down to about lbs. I'm 5'11 use to be pound went to pound went to pound gain a little bit of weight went to pound now I weight in pound looking go down to pound to see how I look if not then pound like I use too had when I was bulking up from pound in high school to pound to pound then I stop working out liver breaks down fatty acids eat a lot so I went to pound it was too much soda and junk food that did the damage of me getting fat into I doet working out again doing martial arts to lose weight but keep yeae foods to reduce fat in liver so in little by little I stop drinking soda and work out then when I stop drinking soda comply I had prefect blood presser and went for bodyweight training at home throw running pound went to school and lift weight at as I also play basketball first before the weight room in a couple of pried and went to the doctor and weight pound when I posted a video deadlifting pound since I don't go to school any more because I have a job training in august of being a chef so have plenty of time to work out at home.

I started my diet 25 days ago and lost 9. I am 5 foot 3 and was I started at calories a day should i good diet pills 2014 going down in calories to lose more? ONLY if you're unable to lose anymore weight but try these options first. I am 5'10, pounds. I have had shoulder surgery recently, and wondering if the workout videos can be modified accordingly. I am a big fan of Pepsi, and worried about caffeine withdrawal if I stop drinking it. I do not drink any water at this point in time.

Wondering if you have suggestions for counteracting the eyar withdrawals and exercise modifiers? Ive just started a diet myself. Im 38 5ft5 and pounds. I too am addicted to Pepsi. I do not like water at all either. So i started trying the diet How to lose weight proper way or coke and could. I now drink sparkling water or a home made fruit infused water which us delicious and refreshing. Its up to you how you make it but it is refreshing.

I was drinking diet plan for liver health. So i know all about being addicted to pepsi. Good luck to you. I wish all good luck. I am 5'4 lbs, I am 3 plah post opt, from a gastric sleeve, I need to get back in track, can you help me? I am 15 5'4 and pounds how can I go to fast. What could help me lose belly fat and have minimize my cellulite. I'm 5'7 and weigh lbs. I've tried all sorts of diets.

I don't have regular bowel movements, sometimes I go once a week of that. I drink at Least 8 cups of water if not more. I eat to much carbs to get that diet plan for liver health feeling. Most of my weight is in my stomach and I have the back fat going on, my legs have embarrassing cellulite and my arms are somewhat flabby. Ideally I would like to lose 50lbs. As far as exercise, I walk for about an hour twice a week.

Can you give me advice on where do I start? Hey buddy, I'm 5'8 lbs sahm who has bipolar 2 I am being treated by a psychiatrist and am medicated. When I'm not feemale I REALLY pan to workout and be healthier but there's so much out there that it's hard to stick to a plan. Do you have any advice as to where to start? Thanks from a mom who misses playing with her kids. I'm a 46 year old female SAHM who currently weighs I am looking to lose 40lbs in a healthy way, no quick fixes.

What plan will help considering my age and slower metabolism? I exercise for about an hour to an hour and a half 4 to 5 times a week. I drink a gallon of water a day, sometimes more or less.

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