Gut bacteria the secret to weight loss

They are the force that ultimately breaks down your food. His weight decreased wight to pounds. Researchers have long known that the human body is home to all manner of microorganisms, but only in the past decade or so have they come to git that these microbes outnumber our own cells 10 to one. An early hint that gut microbes might play a role in obesity came from studies comparing intestinal bacteria in obese and lean individuals. You may feel hungry, but you should not feel faint, or unwell or nauseated. Claudia Tanner For Mailonline

Your Gut Can Make You Slim. Consider this: Right now, as you're sitting there, there's a battle raging in your belly. Some gut bacteria the secret to weight loss, species of bacteria are duking it out, trying to establish dominance. Why should you care? Probiotics may have helped by controlling the women's appetites, which seem to have waned as their microbiomes changed. Unhealthy gut bacteria also produce food cravings : A study published gut bacteria the secret to weight loss BioEssays suggests that some microbes may drive us to eat doughnuts or another tempting treat.

Fortunately, we can begin to take control by feeding our microbiome the right foods. Gut check 1: Get Your Two P's. Basically, it all begins with probiotics and prebiotics, components of food believed to play an important role in improving gut health. Probiotics are a type of good bacteria, similar to the ones that already reside in your gut.

Gut bacteria the secret to weight loss these organisms aids digestion and helps change and repopulate intestinal bacteria to balance what doctors refer to as "gut flora. When pre- and probiotics are combined, they become an intestinal power couple or, in blunter terms, they kick nutritional butt. RELATED: 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt Gut check 2: Go Live.

Fermented foods deliver probiotics directly to the gut. A cup of yogurt a day? It's a nice start. Look for products that say "live and active cultures" on the label, and be careful when it comes to fruit-infused flavors: Some are loaded with sugar, which can feed bad bugs, so be sure to check the ingredients and aim for fewer than 15 grams per serving.

For even more probiotics, try Greek yogurt or kefir, a tangy dairy drink that's packed with good bugs. A Harvard study found that yogurt was more strongly linked to weight loss than any other health food. In fact, people who ate an extra serving a day lost nearly a pound every four years. Gut check 3: Down Some Fiber. It does more than fill you up: Research shows that foods that are high in fiber help promote the growth of friendly bacteria.

Case in point: In a University of Illinois study, people who ate high-fiber snack bars experienced a growth of anti-inflammatory bacteria in their bellies. RELATED: 20 Best Foods for Fiber Gut check 4: Mix Up Your Menu. Eat an assortment of foods to encourage a more varied metropolis in your belly. Recent studies suggest that the intestines of lean people look more like bustling cities than sleepy towns.

Translation: They're densely populated and diverse. What's more, in a pair of French studies, people with diverse gut microbiomes were less likely to be obese or at risk of diabetes. Plus, their intestinal ecosystems were home to fewer pro-inflammatory bacteria. It's easy to change up your meals: If you had salad with grilled chicken yesterday, for example, go with a fish taco or a tofu stir-fry today. Gut check 5: Skip Bad-News Foods. What you don't eat is every bit as crucial as what you do add to your diet.

Keep your gut flora fit by cutting back on these offenders. And let's face it: If you're pounding that bag of potato chips, chances are you're not munching on celery sticks, blueberries and other gut-friendly eats. A diet heavy in fat and protein such as meat and cheese feeds a type of bacteria, Bilophilia, that has been linked to inflammation.

Lawrence David, PhD, assistant professor at Duke University's Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, saw the levels of this bacteria shoot up in study participants scarfing ribs and brisket, but not in those eating squash and lentils. Kellman suggests limiting red meat is there always weight loss with celiac disease once a week.

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gut bacteria the secret to weight loss

Beneficial bacteria act to prevent leaky gut, which can manifest as some other form of autoimmune disorder, from leading to neurological diseases. The secret to improving your mood and brain health is in your gut, as unhealthy gut flora can impact your mental health, potentially leading to issues like anxiety. The Potato Hack Chronicle Weight loss, gut health, and mental well-being using potato diets, resistant starch, fiber, and potato science!. Exciting new studies are coming out every day exploring the connection between gut bacteria and practically every other aspect of human health.

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