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All suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Weight Loss Questions and Answers. If you cast a spell, then still eat too much or exercise too little, nothing is going to happen. ConjureMan Ali- Lucky Mojo Certified Graduate and Weight loss hoodoo of Wwight Top. Start this spell with a white figural candle to begin with, and using a red-tipped pin scratch your name and date of birth into the base of it.

Note that I switched the weihht essence to "Five Corners" the "Green Rose" I normally would use has been discontinued, but "Five Corners" flower essence is a great substitute. I am quite interested in your weight loss spells We have yoodoo beautiful shower, but no tub. And where would I find more information on your weight loss spells? Thank you, Chanson :. Be sure to add weight loss hoodoo pinch or two of Epsom salts weight loss hoodoo the bottle.

Tuesday, May 3, This is my formula and it is the procedure I give to clients that purchase a weight-loss working from me. Sorry, but I cannot offer the weight loss hoodoo operation. If weighht possess a very strong will, this alone might work for you. But if you require more help more than "just a few pounds"please contact me for a consultation. This helps in getting a nice jump start of pounds in one week and it aligns you with energies that will help you to maintain that loss.

Note: Always get the permission of your physician before undertaking any sort of reducing diet, especially one that involves a modified fast. A good idea is to use it as a cleanse once weight loss hoodoo month,too days. Skip lavender and replace with rosewood if you have a tendency towards getting stretch marks from very fast weight loss. Jose Gregorio Hernandez prayer card, a purple medicine bag any materialand the following botanicals ground to as fine a consistency as possible- abre camino, juniper berries, knotweed, self-heal, ginger root, dragons blood resin, and hyacinth flowers.

Using a recycled juice bottle plastic is fine create the fasting elixir you will be drinking for the next seven days weight loss hoodoo uoodoo ingredients weoght. For every ten ounces of water you will add two teaspoons each of sugar cane syrup and fresh-squeezed lime juice with just a dash of the pepper sauce.

On top of this ,oss will prepare a ten-ounce glass of spring water by placing the weight loss hoodoo and yellow apatite crystals in it. Drink this gem elixir every evening before retiring to bed sorry, I know this will make you get up to pee more often…it will be worth it, I promise. The day that you begin this regimen of modified fasting and special baths, perform the following spell hhoodoo sunrise that morning.

Create a spell bowl and fill it with the ground juniper berries, hyacinth flowers, balm of gilead, ginger root, knotweed, dragons wegiht and Abre Camino. Add thirteen drops each of honeysuckle and juniper oil. Start this spell with a white figural weight loss hoodoo yoodoo begin with, and using a red-tipped pin scratch your name and date of birth into the base of it.

Dress it with honeysuckle oil weitht follow with a coating of juniper oil add extra to the mouth area. Nestle it in the ace diet pills rash of the bowl, surrounded by the herbs. On the right hand side same positioning place the prayer card. We want the wax to drip down upon these objects. Now draw an approximation of your own figure on the white paper, using black ink.

Inside of this draw a smaller version of yourself weight loss hoodoo green ink. Use black ink for the following-inside of the smaller or ideal version of self draw the sigils for both the Sun and Mercury in the region of what is wejght your solar plexus, e. Surround the entire drawing with flames drawn in red ink. Cut the drawing out as carefully as possible, weight loss hoodoo the lines of the flames.

Fold weight loss hoodoo paper doll in half and place it underneath the spell bowl. Prepare the fasting mixture you will drink throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry. Pure sugar cane syrup contains a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals believe it or not. Search "sugar cane syrup nutrients" online for further details. It weiht a form of grass belonging to the Poaceae family, and it is native to regions of the Old World ranging from tropical to temperate Louisiana is a major producer in the US.

Sugar cane is also a "perfect" or complex sugar that does not drastically raise the glycemic index koss sugar levels. Yet it still provides the sustained energy your body needs, and it can be used llss by diabetics. We are not talking refined white sugar here. Depending upon how much you drink, you will receive around lkss hundred to eleven hundred calories a day in liquids.

weight loss hoodoo

May 23,  · My weight loss surgery truly saved my life. I am a practitioner of Hoodoo /Rootwork/Conjure and have been a practitioner of the magical arts for over. May 03,  · "The Skinny Bitch`s Rapid Weight Loss Spell " I`m starting a beauty blog soon called " Hoodoo Doll", look for more info there. Powerful Weight Loss Spell. Who it's for: Have you tried traditional methods of weight - loss, and nothing seems to work? Then this is the spell for you. Weight Loss Voodoo Spirit Effigies Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit Our Voodoo Spell Castings and Kits a re formulated for those desiring authentic magick of voodoo.

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