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The nurses were very friendly peavehealth efficient. I've never had that hapen before. Tests were performed quickly and in a timely manner. I was very impressed. I wish they would pay more attention to patients pain level. Other then that they were fantastic. The rooms were large and had a pull out bed for my husband to be able to stay in the room with me. This was important as the hospital was miles from home, and we did not have the money for a motel room.

If weigt had to have any other surgeries I would travel to DR. Dally and Southwest washington Hosptial The nursing staff is undereducated in the field of bariatric surgery. They did not know simple thoughts, idea's or suggestions for my care during my stay. My CNA's were more helpful and informed. One of my nurses, who I unfortunetly had for two days, was terribly slow, unattentive and made me wait for pain meds peacehealth southwest weight loss almost an hour, even after I pushed my call button repeatedly.

By the time "Debbie" arrived, I was in tears from the pain and frusteration. I have had 3 hospital stays in my life. This one was the lose belly fat p90x by far. The staff was VERY attentive and kind. The facility was also great for my family who came with me to surgery.

I don't have a bad thing to say loxs all. Has been renovated and my room was big and had a great view. Better than most hotels. Everyone at the hospital was great. I couldn't have asked for more. There is some construction going on at the hosptial so peacehealth southwest weight loss parking situation was a little difficult. The experience was really good, the staff was excellent - friendly and understanding.

This is a great hospital. I have only been a patient there twice. For my WLS and the birth of my son. Both times were great! ObesityHelp is dedicated to the education, empowerment and support of all individuals affected by obesity, along with their families, friends, employers, surgeons and physicians. Looking for a surgeon? Premier Protein Chocolate Shake. October 27 - 28th, How well equipped was the hospital to peacehealth southwest weight loss overweight patients? How sensitive was the staff to the needs of overweight patients?

How safe did you feel that the hospital was well equiped enough to handle any souhwest emergency that might arise during your stay there? How much privacy did you feel the hospital gave loas How responsive did you feel the hospital was in give you pain medications? How restfully quiet did you peacehealth southwest weight loss your experience?

How accommodating was the hospital in allowing visitors to see you? How responsive do you feel the staff was in helping you with your general needs during your stay? How would you rate the parking accomodations?

peacehealth southwest weight loss

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